Payments and delivery


All payments will be made by wire transfer prior to the shipping(except for Hungary, where we have a “cash on delivery”option). You will receive the invoice in maximum 24 hours after you place the order. The current billing currencies are EUR and HUF, but we can add an option for any E.U. currency, if we get a request at

Delivery (free shipping option)

The most transparent and simplifying solution for logistical purposes is to offer free shipping and set a minimum order, with variations on the type of merchandise and the country of the customer, as you can see in the list below(which also covers the transit time). The two types of marchandise are Spare parts and samples and General merchandise and I think you will agree that they need different approaches, as they present different transport characteristic in the matter of weight and volume.However, if you do not reach the minimum value for an order, we can bill you 10% of the minimum value.( For example, in Estonia, we will bill 35 EUR transport costs for any Spare parts order lower than 350 EUR and 300 EUR for any General merchandise order lower than 3000 EUR).Our primary partner is the Eurosender platform(you can see their logistical partners on the bottom of the page or on their website: All packages will be insured by us while on transit.